Our Values

We've been making superb bespoke websites, e-commerce systems and e-business platforms since 2004 and have grown steadily more successful every year. With strong ethical values, we play fair, work transparently and get great results... and our clients reward us with their loyalty.

Quality over quantity

We’re small, but perfectly formed – and that means we give our projects and clients the attention they deserve, instead of trying to juggle too much at once.

Simple, elegant solutions

We take great pleasure in simplifying the complicated. Our designers make things easy for users; our developers’ coding is clean and logical; and our marketeers make sure your customers can find you.

We're people people

Our relationship with our clients is very important to us. We’re partners, not ‘yes’ men – so we’ll always be honest. But we’ll also listen to you; take the time to understand your needs; and dedicate ourselves to your objectives. That’s how we keep our clients and enjoy so many referrals.

Genuinely bespoke

Our website design service is truly tailored to your needs, avoiding gimmicks you don’t need and creating solid, impeccable foundations for future development. We’re not limited to Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal or any other existing structure – though if that’s what you want, we can tailor them to your needs (blindfolded).

Take a closer look at our services, or give us a call at our Salford (Manchester) office. We’ll always be pleased to hear from you.

Our history

Established in 2004, 11/10 is a closely combined web design and digital marketing agency based in sunny Salford, Manchester.

The business was formed by Vince Holt and Phil Newton, whose previous role was to hire and manage web agencies for corporate enterprises. Tired of the lack of business knowledge found in agencies, their objective was to build an agency that combined the highest standards in both business and digital expertise.

Since 2004, the business has grown steadily and solidly into the award winning agency of today. The business has attracted and retained some major brand names, without ever needing an overdraft, loan or third party investment.

11/10 has won awards for every one of its service packages as well as awards for Innovation from the Salford business community.

Over the years, the agency has gained recognition from government bodies for its high standards, reliability and industry knowledge. 11/10 are accredited consultants to Manufacturing Advisory Service(MAS) , Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and other government grant managing bodies.

11/10 enjoy close community ties with Salford. Sponsoring local junior football teams, providing high school work experience, partnering with and raising money for Barnabas homeless charity and working closely with Salford University on industry related courses.

11/10 continues to grow and improve and will continue to do this while its focus remains on helping our client to be successful and maintaining good client relationships via mutual trust, honesty and respect.

“11/10 has put us at the forefront of e-commerce design with a website which can quickly adapt to new concepts and ideas. In the past whenever we wanted to re-style or improve the functionality of our site we would have to invest in a new one. 11/10 has built a website which continues to evolve enabling us to keep up to date with the latest innovations whilst also lowering our costs”

Danny Costello - Managing Director, Dead Legacy

Do we know our stuff? Awards

Ok, we have won few prestigious trophies for business Innovation, ecommerce, search marketing, ebusiness, to name a few, but to be honest there is so much more to our business than bits of glass and plastic.

Our single most valued and sought after prize is the praise and respect of our clients. By helping our clients to be successful, we become successful - it really is as simple as that...

As the vast majority of our work comes from referrals and recommendations by our partners, we believe we are on the right track.

Our offices are located in the heart of salford

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