Brand Management

Monitor and analyse what people are saying about your brand
and respond to achieve a positive outcome.

Online Brand Management has become an essential part of Online PR due to the rapid growth and usage of social media, blogs and the internet in general.

We report on your brand visibility, popularity on the internet and also we respond to any negative / positive comments as part of the service. We can produce reports on weekly or a monthly basis depending on your needs and we also offer a crisis management service where we deal with any major negative activity.

  • We monitor all the popular websites

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, eBAY, Money Saving Expert, Local Press, National Press, Magazines, Blogs, Forums, and many more.

  • Manage your reputation

    Identify any risks towards your brand online and manage them effectively.

  • Gain real feedback

    Evaluate & measure the success of products, services, marketing campaigns and promotion.

  • Identify advocates of your brand

    Find and reward the people that are sharing your brand with their network, the power of a referral canŐt be underestimated.

  • Look for business opportunities

    Use the detailed feedback to improve your business and position your brand in the right areas.

We recommend combining Brand Management with Social Media Management, to gain a full online reputation management service.

If you would like us to explain more about the Brand Management service that we offer or you would like to set up a meeting please get in touch.