Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

What does our PPC Management service include?

At 11outof10 we provide a comprehensive and expert level PPC Management service that is individually tailored to your business. We can take care of each stage of the process from creating your PPC account to refining and optimising it using a variety of tools to ensure that it reaches the ultimate goal of maximising your Return On Investment.

Unlike many other PPC management companies, we don’t shout about “Getting you in 1st position on all keywords!”, in fact, we would consider achieving such a feat as a serious disadvantage and would recommend that rather than doing that, just save yourself the time and effort and pour your money down the drain. When considering who to outsource your PPC Management to, be wary of companies making such claims.

Yes, 1st position sounds great, but if you are in a competitive market and you don’t have a bottomless bank account, then its probably not a good idea to be paying to appear in first position for ALL of your keywords. For example if a certain keyword is relevant to your business but doesn’t have a great rate of converting into a sale/enquiry (or whatever action you ultimately want the user to take), then why not pay a little less and appear in 3rd position. You could still get a good amount of clicks but you would have more of your budget left to spend on the keywords that really show the best potential.

We manage PPC accounts intelligently and differently for each client as no two are the same and we understand the importance of tailoring an account on an individual level as what works for your business might not work for somebody elses. We use our experience and industry leading tools to create, monitor and optimise your account and to make these kinds of decisions that will utilise your budget efficiently, no matter how big or small that budget may be.

Here is what we do for you;

Understand your Business

  • Understand your business offering
  • Research your competitors
  • Identify your position within the market

Account Setup

  • Keyword research and intelligent account structuring
  • Expert level Text Ad creation using unique and effective copy.
  • Conversion Tracking configuration
  • Bid (Max CPC) setting
  • Scheduling setup
  • Location targeting

Account Maintenance

  • Actively monitor the account using specialist tools and experience to facilitate an efficient ROI by driving towards a lower Cost Per Conversion and Average Cost Per Click at the same time as increasing the volume of relevant traffic and number of conversions
  • Test variations of Text Ads to find the most effective version
  • Add in new Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords in line with business developments
  • Continuous keyword research to extract new terms from performance data
  • Negative keyword extraction


    • Monthly and weekly (optional) detailed reports
    • Regular communication to make sure that you understand the decisions we make on behalf of your account.
    • Transparent Operation – we provide you with access to the PPC account so you can see for yourself exactly what is happening and the actual Return On Investment.